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Full Version: MyBB - Userbar Question
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Hey guys,

I'd like to show groups lead by other members as little badges like the achievements on this forum but for groups with their icon on it.

I'd like to keep the userbars for the main groups like this:

[Image: ZqoyK.png]

But then have a 16x16 ribbon or something to show if I was in a custom usergroup.

Is there a plugin for this or does anybody know how to do this?

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EDIT - I know I could just change the group image to some 16x16 badge, but I'd like them to show up side by side and leave the main userbars verticle.
That idea sounds really good a little ribbon or some sort of emblem to tell if your in a group I get it and support this.
anything will make this forum look good!

Good idea Hostpro but I prefer your idea of a drop down menu for group images!
Nice idea, but where is your admin badge now?
I have changed it for now to only show one group image per person,

PM me I can help you with this Host <3
Talk to me on skype about it.
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