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Full Version: MyBB Theme 'Fully Loaded' Colour picker/modal login/profile tabs/sliding sidebar
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Hey guys,

I'm excited to present my Fully Loaded MyBB Theme.

The theme is packed with unique features ranging from fluid sliding sidebar, colour picker, built in profile tabs and much... much more!

I will only be releasing 10 copies of this theme, so get yours while you can.

Main Features :

- Modal login screen
- Colour Changer
- Fluid sliding sidebar
- Built in profile tabs
- Overall Sexy CSS
- Fully Editable
- Logo PSD
- I will make any simple modifications / edits to suite your needs


You can view a live demo here:

Guests can post in the open zone forum and it does not require email verification to register so if you want to check out how it looks as a user then please do register to have a look.

Well then ,What's the price???


Normal Copy: $10

Copyright Removal: $15

Normal Copy + Copyright Removal: $20

How to purchase:

Please send me a PM by clicking the button bellow:

[Image: iONTd2W25bTJe.png]

Terms of Service:

By using this theme you agree that:

- You will not remove any of the advertisements in the footer unless you have purchased copyright removal.
- You will not re-distribute this theme to anybody.
- You will not request a refund nor charge back on your payment.
- All payments are final and there are no refunds.

If you have any questions then post them in this thread as I will be checking on this thread very often,

Nice job host, i can see you worked hard on this. looks good!
The name really does suit the theme, I love all the professional, unique features!
Very nice, I can tell this took a long time to make and you worked your butt off on it. I hope this theme gets used a lot, it deserves attention.
Wow, looks really nice! A lot of unique features and it all goes together so well!
Wow, this looks really good. Great work.
I'm glad you all like the theme,

Could i have a vouch copy please host, thanks :D
(06-09-2012 03:11 PM)Nate Wrote: [ -> ]Could i have a vouch copy please host, thanks :D

Sorry, I'm not offering any vouch copies at the moment,

Nice theme Host.
I may consider getting it in the future.
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