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Full Version: My Created MyBB Themes
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I've created a few themes for MyBB. Here they are for display:

[Image: 48591358e14e6a8764ae395d8613044c.png?1339266611]

[Image: 20fad985f5d8c4bf3c76ed42e0fb165f.png?1339286276]
Very nice, can we download them? :3
Not my sort of thing.
I don't really like them either
The colors are really weird together.
Don't like it at all </3
I think its really sleek xD I'd pay around $10 for them.
I think it's rather good. What site are you using it on?
That is pretty nice mate Well done for adding effort.
nice work mate and i like the color combination of your theme
I love the second one. Great work man...
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