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Full Version: Tips For Moving Countries and Finding Work
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So, you've finally decided to make the jump, and try and move to live and work in Australia. Migrating to another country is no small task; after all you are practically changing your entire lifestyle uk business email database . It's daunting enough to find a job in your home country, so looking for a job overseas can be even more complex. Should you decide that you want to live and work in Australia; here are a few simple tips & strategies to make the process easier for you.

Research opportunities beforehand:

You'll need to have a good understanding of the job opportunities available to you in Australia. Here the web can be invaluable as a tool, as there are numerous websites with employment listings. Also remember to check out the MODL (Migration Occupations in Demand List), which is available on the Australian Immigration Government website. The MODL list gives you an idea of just what skills & occupations are in demand in Australia, which can help when you are applying for your visa.

If you're aware of Australian companies who have a presence in your country, then they can also be a good first port of call. Approach any companies and exporters in your country who have offices in Australia, or you can contact relevant companies and organisations in Australia directly.
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Don't forget your documentation:

Don't forget any documentation that you may need bring with you, after all once you've landed in Australia it can be quite time consuming to have any documents you've forgotten shipped over to you. Important documents you may need include:

Prepare Your Employment history:

Copies of job descriptions and overviews from previous places of employment are good records of your responsibilities, notable achievements and your performance. Also keep a copy of any career or aptitude tests. There are plenty of resources & guides on the web which can give you invaluable tips on how to make sure your CV or Resume is succinct, informative and impressive to a potential employer.

Prepare Testimonials and references in advance

Where possible, get written testimonials from employers, clients and suppliers, and have these translated into English if necessary usa business email database . English is Australia's national language and any sort of business documentation will need to be in English. Also, it is a good idea to provide referees details of the jobs you are applying for and the types of questions they are likely to be asked for telephone references. Where possible, line up Australian referees if you have access to any.

Local email

Create a personal Australian email address (ending with etc) as a familiar reference point for potential employers. Preferably base this email address on your name - when applying for a job it gives a much better impression if you have a professional address. For some reason,is not going to give a good first impression!

Don't get stressed, plan ahead

Moving to another country can be stressful enough, but compound that with looking for a job and it can really take its toll. If you're ill-prepared and don't plan things in advance, you'll find yourself in situations where you can spend too much time worrying and this can be a real negative on your performance in interviews.
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