Rules & Expectations

Rules of The Profiters

1. No low quality posts or spamming. This include posts like "lol", "lmao", "rofl", "bump" and other short posts. Any repeated/invisible characters for defeating the min character count is forbidden.

2. Personal information is strictly forbidden to post. Such as personal data, passwords, database dumps and similar data.

3. You may not ask for reputation in any way. Not in posts, signatures or PM. "Rep for rep" is forbidden.

4. No adult images, links or account sharing.

5. You may have a maximum of two accounts, any more than that and all will be closed.

6. Advertising for competing forums is not allowed unless you bought advertising space. Advertising includes signatures, PMs, profiles and posts.

7. No serials, keys or keygens

8. Gaming/filehost account giveaway are allowed. As long as it's single accounts and no dumps.

9. No threatening nor flaming.

10. Don't share any infected programs. Posting infected download link will get your account permanently banned.

11. Use a topic titles which is related to the content of the thread.

12. Follow the golden rule, One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

What we expect from you

1. Post in the correct forum categories. Read the description if you are confused.

2. Try to use the best grammar as possible.

3. Post topics that could have a normal discussion.

4. Forum games are posted in the forum games section, this includes "Ask me something?" threads.

5. If you're sharing something from another site, share the source on the bottom of the post.

6. Be mature, even if you're not.