When to report posts

Below are many of the reported posts options and definitions. When you report a post please make sure that the post does violate a site rule or policy. Action will be taken by staff at their leisure. Decision of what action to take will rest solely on staff. Reporting a post does not guarantee any action will be committed. If you want to report a member for a violation that isn't specific with a post, please either use the contact form, PM staff, or start a thread in Site News and Feedback section.

Certain Blackhat Activity

Certain blackhat activities are forbidden. Discussion of any kind on these topics will result in a warning for disallowed blackhat activity.

Infected Download or Link

Infecting users by providing infected downloads or links. Infected meaning bound to a virus, trojan, malware, or backdoor.


Posting insults directed to: a user, multiple users, threads, or sections. Flaming also falls under off topic or low quality post and users may receive multiple warnings.

Low Quality

Posts that add nothing to the thread, are non-supportive, and are generally incoherent. Quoting posts without adding to them, avoiding character requirements in a post, and anything /b/ related are considered low-quality. Short posts like "thanks", "lol", "bump" or "msg2short" are low quality. Low Quality determination is at the discretion of the staff member who receives the report.

Unrelated or Off Topic Posting

Posts should always be part of the original discussion posted by the thread creator.

Reputation Abuse

Asking For Rep Offering Rep Inciting a "Rep Riot" Are all against the rules.

Wrong Forum

More commonly referred to as "Wrong Section" this only applies to threads and therefore only the OP should be reported. Wrong forum is exactly as it sounds, a post has been created in the wrong section of the site and belongs some where else. This is normally linked to cross posting.

Marketplace Violation

We ask that members respect buyer and seller threads. Marketplace trashing is when a post discourages a sale without proper reason. Also trashing would be pointing to another marketplace thread of a competitor with a similar service.

Double Posting

Double posting is when a member posts a message and then posts again in the thread before another member replies. Result will be two messages in a row by the same member.

Cross Posting

This is creating the same thread in more than one place. If you incorrectly post a thread in the wrong forum, please report the post and staff should move it for you without penalty.

Leeched Post

Leeching is when information is taken from one place and posted somewhere else without giving any credit. This can refer to content posted elsewhere on HF or if we find content from HF posted at another site. Leechers may have their account closed. This activity won't be tolerated.

Signature Limit

650 pixel width by 200 pixel height the maximum, members are allowed one image, animated GIF's shouldn't be annoying. It should contain no adult content.


Posting an outgoing link to any forum that is in direct competition with The Profiters. Avoid other hacking sites, etc. Some sites may be advertised with the approval of Hostpro, message him with the link and asking where you can put/post it.

Personal Data

No phone numbers, addresses, names, emails or contact information of any kind about anyone other than yourself.

Adult Image

Nudity, Goatse, Obscenity, Vulgarity, or anything else not appropriate for the eyes of anyone under the age of 18.


Everything else that you feel doesn't fit in, and a mod should look at. Don't be stupid with this one.