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VC Clutches And Brakes factory
02-22-2019, 02:42 AM
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VC Clutches And Brakes factory
double wide VC clutch
Product overview
The double wide VC clutch is mainly used in the mechanical equipment with the larger power drive torque and the rated power of 25760-827050N.M. Connected by flexible friction controllable coupling to replace thetraditional rigid connection mode, the engine - coupling of heavy duty equipment to directly start the engine - Pneumatic Clutch - heavy equipment segment starting, not only solve the shortcomings of traditional rigid coupling, has greatly improved the overall performance of heavy equipment.

The double wide VC clutch unit was specifically designed and manufactured for heavy duty applications such as heavy-duty braking and clutching but is not suitable for applications with high starting loads and continuous sliding friction because the heat generated reduces efficiency and shortens The service life of the clutch. VC's large torque allows it to have a smaller diameter, thus reducing contact speeds for high-speed applications; the vented construction allows the cooling air to pass through and quickly removes the heat generated by the friction plates. Torque from the device side plate through the torque rod to the friction plate, the maximum torque of 1706629Nm.

Product application
Suitable for working machinery, construction machinery, rolling mill machinery, coiler, gantry cranes and crane, papermaking machinery, shipbuilding, ball mill, oil field, mining machinery, metalworking machinery, drilling rig, trimming, discharging, positioning, tension control, etc. occasion.

Product model
(Eaton double wide VC)VC Clutches And Brakes factory
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