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Wedding commemorative ring
05-17-2019, 06:04 AM
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Wedding commemorative ring
For many married people, there is a very important festival, the wedding anniversary, and on this day, the wedding commemorative ring is very important. On the wedding day, you gave her a beloved diamond ring that only sent one person in a lifetime. However, the choice of wedding commemorative ring is also important, here will tell you how to choose wedding commemorative ring.
Sweet romantic one year anniversary for a love longing
For many newlyweds, the first anniversary of marriage is still a sweet and warm moment. The enthusiasm and longing for a better life has not been relieved by the pressure of life. The two are still glued like paint, and they are affectionate every day. Therefore, the first anniversary of marriage can send a wife a diamond ring, the accompanying meaning of one life, and this diamond ring adopts Six heart-shaped claws that connect the diamonds together, reflecting the love of you.
Warm and peaceful third anniversary gives love a tolerance
If the beginning of the glimpse of joy makes you feel happy, then the third anniversary of long-term love should let you understand that love needs tolerance. What is most needed in love is the mutual tolerance between lovers, so on the 3rd anniversary we can choose the Mood for Love ring. The rings are mainly flower patterns and diamonds, which can represent the closeness between your heart. And can reflect these three years you two have been together.
Wearilessness seventh anniversary for a long time love.
It is said that there are seven years of itch in the marriage. Every couple will have various things in the year of seven years. Therefore, in the wedding anniversary after seven years, you should give her a long-lasting diamond ring. This diamond ring is mainly a love shape, a unique design of love, and a heart-shaped mosaic, which makes the diamond stand out. And the diamonds surrounded by love symbolize your long-lasting love.
All the way to accompany the 10th anniversary to love forever
If you think that the previous seven years make you feel very indifferent, the tenth anniversary is enough to make you feel grateful, because her companion makes you no longer enjoy the joys and sorrows alone, because her companion makes you cherish the future life. So the person who spends all her time with you is worthy of sending her a classic diamond ring. The 18K white gold ring is set with a main diamond, which means that your life center will always be her. The dazzling diamond is the embodiment of her beautiful and moving.
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05-20-2019, 07:24 AM
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Top 10 Couple Ring Brand
The ring is a traditional love token, wearing a couple ring can make our heart stimulate unlimited romance and sweetness. When they own and wear this ring, the magic of the ring will also hold the hearts of the two together. Some romantic couple ring brands are the best portrayal of love, let's take a look at the top ten couple rings.
1. Cartier
As one of the world's luxury brands, Cartier's design of the couple's ring will bring the romantic and eternal expression of love to the utmost, and this beautiful design also makes the Cartier couple ring become a timeless classic.
2. Tiffany & Co.
The Tiffany Couple Ring has been known for nearly two centuries for its love and beauty, romance and dreams. The classic design is the definition of Tiffany's work, and every masterpiece can be passed down from generation to generation.
3. Bvlgari
The design of the Bulgari couple ring is more focused on color matching. The different color setting materials are perfectly matched with the color of the gemstone, which presents us with a fashionable and luxurious couple ring.
4. Van Cleef & Arpels
The beginning of the Van Cleef & Arpels brand comes from a sweet love story. In every ring of Van Cleef & Arpels, there is a sweet love story. The Van Cleef & Arpels couple ring has a unique romantic feeling.
5. Harry Winston
Harry Winston is a century-old jewellery brand that has attracted many aristocratic celebrities and Hollywood stars. The Harry Winston Couple Ring is a master of the design and cutting of diamonds, and is therefore loved by the world's princes and nobles.
Chow Tai Fook couple ring has a wide variety of materials, fashionable, attracting the attention of many consumers. In particular, the Chow Tai Fook wedding series is even more unique.
7. Chaumet
Chaumet Paris Liens Ring combines precious natural ore and precious metal into a fashion symbol full of Chaumet imagery. The connection design in the middle of the ring not only symbolizes Chaumet's inheritance of the past and the future, but also represents the combination of men and women.
8. Boucheron
Borschon was founded in a romantic city - Paris, with bold design style and amazing imagination, so that more people are convinced by the charm of Boucheron. The Borschon brand is also a representative of high-end jewelry brands.
9. Damiani
Demiani has an important influence in Italy, and the couple's ring jewelry designed by the brand has also won many international awards. Therefore, the Demiani couple ring is also a good choice.
10. Piaget
Piaget Jewelry has a Possession ring, a double ring of the Possession ring, one of which can be rotated on the other ring, interlocking with each other to show the unique and ingenious artistic essence, and also symbolizes the unwavering relationship between couple.
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07-05-2019, 07:52 AM
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RE: Wedding commemorative ring
It would be cool to do something really special.
We could of the option of silent disco hire, that would be great! Check some videos, it looks hilarious!
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