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Path of Exile: Startup Fund 60 Chaos Orb
10-28-2019, 08:29 AM
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Path of Exile: Startup Fund 60 Chaos Orb
On October 28, 2019, at 5:32 pm, I was supposed to have dinner, but I was in a daze in front of the computer. It has been two weeks since I entered the Path of Exile game, but the level has risen to level 96, and nothing else has happened. After listening to some people’s suggestions, I chose Chaos Orb, which is said to be the hottest skill of the season. The upgrade process in the early stage is still remarkable, but now I have not even visited T17. Looking at the 60 Chaos Orb in my backpack, I think I should do something.

The feeling of the setting sun on the body is so warm, so that people have less courage to go forward, but looking at the only 60C in the backpack, how can I give up on myself. To spend every Chaos Orb on the cutting edge, this is my only chance to counterattack, I will not shoot without 100% profit. I know some people will laugh at me at level 96 and still wear tabula rasa Poe, but they know what, this tabula rasa Poe has been with me for two weeks. When I was biting my teeth, I used Vaal Orb Corrupt to get out [Period Skill Stone Level +2], which is not only a tabula rasa PoE for me, but how can I easily give up.

After I learned about the game for so long, I think this game is about killing monsters to start other content, and without the map, there is no strange killing, so I stared at the map cake. And my starting capital is the only 60C, so I can’t monopolize all the map market, I can only find out what I can do. From the sunset to the moon, I finally found my goal [T10 Red Mountain]. The reason for choosing this map is because its price is between 1-3C, and the amount is rarely only 5 pages, and the map is relatively better killing.

In the end, I spent 48C to collect 1C’s red mountains in the market and then changed the price to 2C. As long as I sold it, I could earn 60C, which doubled my startup capital. Success is in front of me, and I am not proud of myself. This seemingly simple business operation is actually surging in the whole process of execution. First of all, there must be a determination to go all out, the courage to dare, and steady execution. All this is because I have reasons to lose, 60C is all of mine.

Looking at the pop-up system prompts, I smiled a little, and I already saw through the scams in the mall, success is inevitable. I know that someone can’t wait to copy my success, but please don’t try it easily. The Path of Exile market is not messy, I…just count! And this is just the beginning, the counter-attack drama starring me is slowly opening.

The road to success is lonely and rugged, and it is only natural for those born with gold spoons. For the poor people who have little start-up capital, as long as someone sees my success, I will launch a Lightning Falls-like blow and want to kill me in the bud. There was an organized attack on the market, and a large number of 1C red mountains reappeared. I have no choice but to sell at a reduced price. If I don’t withdraw immediately, I will lose my money.

But before they reacted, I had successfully sold apart. Although it did not achieve the expected net profit of 60C, it has already expanded my capital to 90C, and still has a portion of the red mountain. These are just small tests for me.
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